Introduction to Baresoil

Baresoil is free and open-source software that allows developers to run an autoscaling Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It is intended to be easy to use, prioritizing simplicity and automation. A geographically redundant, autoscaling Baresoil PaaS can be set up in Amazon AWS account in under 20 minutes. Once created, the PaaS can host multiple projects at different top-level DNS domain and subdomain names, and support multiple active application developers.

By running your own PaaS (rather than using a fully managed commercial service), you gain some benefits that are useful in certain situations:

  • self-hosting, with full control over code and data, and hosting costs; e.g., useful for compliance with data privacy and security rules,
  • customization of all aspects of the service; e.g., useful when applications require specific hardware, or to take advantage of cheaper instance pricing,
  • portability, since Baresoil itself can be ported between cloud providers and environments, without requiring application code changes.

The following are some practical examples of projects that can be built with little code while scaling on a Baresoil PaaS (cluster):

  • a web API endpoint that accepts JPEG photo uploads over HTTP(s) and returns normalized, resized versions of the image, and metadata extracted from it,
  • a webapp that lets you summarize natural language webpages from their URLs, like news articles,
  • a backend for a native mobile application that orchestras between external APIs,
  • a central data repository for desktop software,
  • a static website consisting of files to be served to the web.

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